Here is what our patients have said about us:

4/10/15:  Review from Yelp.com

“I was referred to the Maryland Endodontic Group by my general dentist Dr. Lin from Canton Dentals for a root canal retreatment. I have previously been to an endodontist in the past in Bel Air, MD and was not impressed. Therefore, being referred again created anxiety for me. However, my endodontist who performed the procedure was Dr. Leiberman. What I can tell you is that if you must have this procedure, this is the person to do it for you!  Dr. Lieberman is such skilled professional and really knows what he is doing; even down to administering the local anesthetic. Usually when I get local anesthesia, half of my face is numb. But the way Dr. Leiberman did it, I was so impressed that only my tooth was numb and not my face! Also, the way he retreated my tooth was phenomenal. 

All I have to say is thank you Dr. Leiberman for making my experience worthwhile and restoring my faith in endodontists! Hopefully, I do not have to come back anytime soon but if I do, you are the person to perform my root canals!”


“My dentist told me that I needed a root canal and recommended Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman.  Later,  I told two different friends that I had a root canal scheduled, and they both told me that I just had to see their endodontist, he was fantastic.  They both had seen Dr. Lieberman!  And they were right!  He was so nice and gentle.  It was quick and painless.  The office  decor is great!  The entire staff was top-notch. I don’t usually write reviews, but the experience was so good that I wanted to share my thoughts!   I highly recommend Dr. Lieberman’s office!”

On 12/9/14, Florence R. said:

“Yesterday I had an appt. with Dr. Mullally and as usual he was fantastic.  He is very pleasant and puts you at ease right away.  He explains everything he is going to do or is doing and he turns a dreaded root canal into a “not so bad” experience.  His assistant is also wonderful, as well as the rest of the office staff.  I have had 3 root canals done over the last few years and have no complaints at all.  It is a real pleasure to deal with your practice.”

 On 12/2/14, Vicki H. said:

“Dr. Lieberman is awesome!  I have been a patient for many years and he has always cared about my health.  The staff is friendly and I recommend this office to all of my friends.”

On 11/17/14, Anita J. said:

“Dr. Lee is the ultimate professional as well as being the most kindhearted, gentle, warm and compassionate person that I have had the pleasure to meet and know.

Even though being told you need a root canal isn’t something you want to hear, Dr. Lee instinctively puts you at ease and relieves any anxiety before, during and after the procedure.

She is able to make it a pleasant experience just because of who she is.

I would highly recommend Dr. Kathy Lee and the Maryland Endodontic Group for your root canal care….maybe I’ll see you there!”

On 11/4/14, Don R. said:

“As much as I dislike visiting dentist offices, you guys did a “stand up” job.  No pain or real discomfort (other than numbness) throughout yesterday and nothing this AM.  Many thanks.”

Notes from our patients:

“I am a former soldier.  I have had many injuries and have a prosthesis.  None of those injuries created such intense pain as this molar.  I couldn’t get in to see my new dentist for more than two days.  Last night I didn’t sleep at all.  Dr. Kathy Lee and Dawn got me in for a root canal, waited late through all the noreaster traffic jams, made me feel welcome, calmed my fears and nerves, and within a few minutes numbed all the pain.  They were so gentle and caring.  It went so smoothly and quickly that I was actually falling asleep while they took care of 3 roots in my upper molar.  No one could possibly give you more competent, professional and soothing care through a complex procedure!  Thank you so very much, D. Stenburg.”


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